Mrs. Day is a 22 year old married teacher from Yukon, Oklahoma, who was caught in the act during a sexual tryst with a student from her high school chemistry class on  November 16. She reportedly had lit candles in her home when sheriff's deputies entered it after she told the student to "hurry up" because her husband, a football coach at the same school, was expected home soon. Day was arrested and charged with rape, and is held in jail on an $85,000 bond.

Graswald, a Latvian national, was sentenced Nov. 8 to a prison term of 1 1/3 to 4 years in the state prison in connection with the death of her fiance on a kayaking trip on the Hudson River on April 19, 2015.  Prosecutors contended she did it to collect on a $250,000 life insurance policy her fiance took out before his death. 

Pike was convicted at the young age of 20 on  March 22, 1996 and sentenced to death by electrocution on March 30, 1996 for the murder of fellow Job Corps student Colleen Slemmer. Her latest appeals have been rejected but so far she has not received a new execution date. In addition, Tennessee's governor has signed a measure allowing her to face death in the electric chair if lethal injection drugs are unavailable. Latest status of Pike is that she is still on death row pending future appeals.…

Moran, 26, a former substitute teacher at Stockbridge High School in Mason, Michigan, was arrested in Peoria last week and extradited to face 3 counts of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct involving a student and one count of 4th degree criminal sexual conduct. The former teacher worked the 2016-17 term as a substitute chemistry and science teacher as well as a soccer coach and moved to Illinois once the school term ended. She reportedly had sexual intercourse with a student younger than 18 at…

Katie Quackenbush, a 26 year old Nashville, Tennessee woman,  was charged with attempted murder after firing two shots at a homeless man on a sidewalk, hitting him once in the abdomen. Quackenbush then fled the scene in her Porsche and was arrested later and jailed on $25,000 bond. She has since bonded out and is awaiting trial on the charge.

McCarter, the 27 year old wife of a high school football coach in Knoxville, Tennessee, pleaded guilty on Monday, Sept 25, 2017 to six counts of statutory rape and one count of sexual exploitation of a minor, thus avoiding a possible 38 year prison sentence. She had been charged with having sex with one of her husband's players repeatedly and her husband stood by her side throughout her arrest and sentencing. 

Tiffanie, a 23 year old woman in Missoula, Montana, and a male accomplice were charged Aug. 23 with deliberate homicide and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in connection with the stabbing deaths of two people whose bodies were discovered in a Missoula home. Pierce has been jailed with an undisclosed bail amount.

UPDATE - Reece was jailed again on Sept. 21, 2017 after bonding out in August for her first charge of child molestation and sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority. This latest arrest is for her allegedly having relations with a different student than the one she was originally booked for on August 14 of this year. regarding her previous arrest, Reece, a 40 year old former gym teacher in a Georgia middle school, was arrested August 14 by the Union County Sheriff's…

Caswell was arrested in June 2014 for having sex several times with an underage student from her Oklahoma middle school and was sentenced in August 2015 to 15 years in prison with 5 years suspended on each count, making her earliest parole date sometime in 2024.  On Aug. 14, 2017, a federal judge in Oklahoma City ruled that Caswell owes the former student $1,000,000 for severe emotional distress, a decision which is certain to be appealed. Caswell is still serving her sentence in the Oklahoma…

Molly Martens Corbett, a former au pair of future husband Jason Corbett of Davidson County, North Carolina, was convicted August 9, 2017 of 2nd degree murder along with her former FBI agent father. Corbett, a former model, was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years with a maximum of 30 years in the North Carolina prison system. Her and her father are being held without bond pending an appeal.
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